Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Helios 2 "Tech-Specs" and Relasing

  By the time I complete this post its probably gonna be about 3hours away. I freaked out when they announced the H2, so you can only imagine me now. Anyway, their having a sweet give-away at .
  It's going to be 20% lighter in hand than the original ZG (zero-gravity) Helios. The rod will be 20% stronger than any other rod they have ever developed. Even in the multi-piece rods, it will have more refined tapers for smoother casting. The tip-impact strength will be 100% stronger because of a different material integrated into the tip. For style it will have a midnight-blue blank with accenting thread wraps. Some other really nice features are that it had REC Recoil Guides, REC California buckeye burl freshwater reel stats, UV-inhibiting paint coating, and super-grade cork grips.
  Get ready to FEED YOUR ADDICTION because the Helios 2 is going to be EPIC!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How To: Silver Creek Idaho (Part1)

  Before you start fishing Silver Creek, you need to know what time of year you're going to be there. Once you've figured this out, you look at Ketchum On The Fly's hatch chart so you know what aquatic insects will be present. After this, I would suggest you call or go to local fly shops such as the Sportsman's Warehouse in Twin Falls, the Picabo Angler in Picabo, and any fly shops in Ketchum/Hailey/Sun Valley. Any of these people will probably be willing to give up some knowledge. They can usually tell you which section is best for a certain fish species or insect and lots of other helpful information.
 Next, the gear you might need. Here's a list of every thing you should have:
Leader straightener
Hook Hone
Extra heavy leaders such as 6-15lbs. in 7.5' (night fishing for browns with large streamers and mice)
5X Leaders in lengths 9'-15'
6X Leadesr in lengths 9'-15'
7X Leaders in lengths 9'-15'
8X Leaders in lengths 9'-15'
5X-8X tippet
Fly fishing Vest or chest/sling/tri- pack
Fingerless gloves
A VERY large net
and a CRAP-LOAD of Flies
  I know it seems like a lot but it's really stuff you should already have if you think you can face the awesome challenges of Silver Creek.
  Once you get to you parking spot, test the wind to see what size flies and leaders you're going to use. A 6X is a good all around but it may be different. If there is no wind or even a slight breeze whatsoever then go with the 7X or 8X. After you've assesed all of that previous mumbo-jumbo, now your ready get all your gear ready and string up your rod. Once you're about 50 feet away, walk as quietly as you can. Now that you are on the bank, observe everything around you for the next 5-30 minuets. I suggest observing the stream because it helps you size up to your opponent.
  Now you are ready to get fishing. I don't suggest wading unless its an absolute must. Down-stream presentations are the most popular because the fly arrives in front of the fish before anything else. The most crucial factor is patience.
  Oh and also, make sure your fly looks exactly like the real thing. Parachutes are not the best because  it just doesn't look like the real thing.
  Thanks for reading, and look out for a part two.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Silver Creek Chronicles Overview

   I LOVE SILVER CREEK!!! What I'm trying to say is that I am going to start a new post series. These are basically titles that I put on a certain post. For example, you probably see a lot of: ,"Bait Review:" posts. I am going to do the same with Silver Creek.
  Some information on it: Its a Spring Fed "Fork" of the Big Wood. As we all know, water takes the path of least resistance. The Big Wood doesn't want to flow through the lava beds so it goes under and creates Silver Creek. The Fishing Facts: It has 6,000 fish per stream mile. It's World famous because it is so hard. It had rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and Mountain Whitefish.
  I'm only 11 so I'm no Tom Rosenbauer (excuse my spelling) but I'm beginning to get the hang of it ( on Silver Creek, I'm actually pretty good. Its just the fish are so smart there). I'm already planning my next trip (that's what my dad says, I'm planning my next four) and I'm going to try to hit the legendary Brown Drake and Trico hatch at least twice for both of them.
  I kind of have a bucket-list for things to happen at Silver Creek. I want to catch my first Brown Trout (and possibly mountain white fish and brookie too) there, I want to catch any fish over 25", and believe me, they get bigger then that, I want to go into my backing there, because all the other lunker's I've caught we're fat and lazy.
  Thanks for reading! It might be a couple more months until I go again but when I do I'll make sure to get some video.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bait Review: Berkley Powerworms

These are some of the best soft plastics in the powerbait line-up. They have a scent but I found that it doesn't matter. The action is irresistable and the colors are the best part. The best colors I have used are Blue/blackflk/pink firetail. This is the color that I caught my PB 9 pound 4 oz. Largemouth Bass. These are good for Carolina rigging but I've also caught fish texas rigged and threaded on a jighead. The ones I use are 7" but they also make 10" and 4" models.