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This is a little bluegill I caught on a wolley bugger.
This is a bass I caught at my local pond in Kansas

Another Bass, I believe it is either a small largemouth or a Spotted (Kentucky)

I don't remember but I belive this is a bass that I caught at my local pond.

Lots of bass at my local pond. I think this is a largemouth. I believe it is about 10-14 inches long

Small Channel Cat at my pond. I think its about 13 inches.

The angle is bad but this is actually pretty big for my pond. Maybe 1 1/2-2 pounds.

Its sad, but this is in the top five biggest cats I've caught. Oklahoma is catfish Capitol

Another cat at Boomer Lake, Stillwater, Oklahoma
A cat I got at my local pond, probably a pound or so.
Not really anything to brag about but It's a pretty big panfish for my pond

Big Bass I caught. I remember it to be 2.5-4 pounds

Catfish at my pond are always exciting, but not the biggest

Small Panfish in Oklahoma.

Another bluegill.

Bass at my local pond

Email me at with pictures, captions, weight (optional), length (optional), and where it was caught (also optional).

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