Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bait Review: Dry Creek 3 1/2 inch tube

I've only purchased one pack of these and I can tell you. These are some of the best baits in the world. any color and they work. they are super soft and life like but they are also super strong. These are best for jigging but any way you can think of will catch fish. These have tons of salt but also have a good anise-type scent. If you pick up a pack of these I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bait Review: BBB Summer Craw

These baits were designed for flippin'. I thought they would work great as a jig trailer but I found a favorite spot for pitching and flippin'. I have fished with these before and they are extremely durable and life like. They look like most other craws on the market but come with a key scent. Overall these are some of the best flippin' craws I have ever used.

Bait Review: BBB Punch Buggy

These are very good baits that you can do anything with. I was Texas rigging them on a 4/0 hook. I had a few fish bite but I'm not very good with a Texas rig. There are many colors, but craw imitation colors are the best for me. Overall these are some of the best craw baits I have ever fished with.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets: Fly Fishing for Panfish.

There are many type's of panfish, but to name a few, pumpkinseed, black/white crappie, bluegill and various sunfishes. These fish often feed on other small fish, bugs, and leeches. To start you out, a 3 wt. rod is good, just because bluegill are often heavy for their length and they fight pretty hard. A three weight reel with WF-F (Weight Forward-Floating). Some flies that will be good are #8-12 Clouser minnows and Swimming Nymphs. Scud Patterns are often good but a family of flies that are my favorite are the buggers. There are Woolley Buggers, Jig-Head Buggers and many more. Small surface poppers are also good.
  Lakes that you will want to fish are shallow, warm water lakes with large quantities of panfish and bass.
Because panfishing isn't too complicated, I won't be making a follow-up post to this.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bait Review: Roboworm Fatworm

I have bought a few packs of 41/2 inch straight tail fatworms in the Prizim Shad color. These are perfect for shaky head and dropshot but also are good for Texas rig. I find that they have a good rainbow trout looking color but also have a good shad imitation color. I have caught fish dropshoting but haven't tried shakyheading. They usually last 5 or 6 fish before they can't be used anymore and fall apart. Overall these baits are the VERY best for the money.

Fishing at Salmon Falls Creek Reservior

Jackpot, NV: The Truck Stop For All Your Adventures (Along with Elko, Wells, Carlin, Winnemucca, and Battle Mountain). Some info about Salmon Falls, Its long, fifteen miles, its narrow and its famous for Walleye. I'm not talking good for Idaho, I'm talking Minnesota good. It also has  brown trout, chinook salmon,kokanne salmon  (landlocked sockeye), Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, and is a very good smallmouth bass fishery. Water is often extremely cold until june or so then it warms up from the southern end. My go-to bait there was a tube, but I had a few hits on Wordens Rooster tails. I think they were walleye's but it may have been a trout or kokanne. My dad caught the first bass ever, His first fish in Idaho and the first fish that either of us had caught at the reservior. I saw lots of people trolling and jigging from boats. After that I was using a rattlin' Rapala in size 05 chrome blue color. I a huge three pound smallie casting along the shoreline. After that I hooked two more smallmouths but they threw the hook. Then, I decided to cast far out, and because it was windy, I knew I was going to get a walleye. On the third cast I got the fish and after I landed him  he cut the lure off and fell back into the water. I jumped in to get him and got lucky. I brought him to my dad who took a few pictures and then released him. After that we left. 
   I can't wait until I get a boat and catch kokanne by trolling.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fishing on the Silver Creek Preserve

Silver Creek is a world famous spring-fed tributary of the Little Wood River. The best section for fishing is near the Unincorporated town of Picabo. The fish in Silver Creek are among the biggest and hardest in the world to catch. I was using a 5X tippet and I thought that I would get less bites but land more fish, but a 6X is what I should have used, but In the end I only caught one small fish. Here's the story. I was up the 26th of August and wondering, spin fishing still waters such as Magic, C.J. Strike, or Salmon Falls Creek Reservior, or, should I fly fish on moving waters such as the Big Wood, Henry's Fork or Silver Creek. Because I am the only one in my family who fly fishes and taught my self I didn't think I was ready for the legendary Silver Creek, and after all, I'm only eleven and started 4 months ago. I decided my dad would still have fun, and we decided we would go on the 27th of August. That morning I woke up at seven, did some last minute research and set off. I was very ill-prepared, with only two Parachute Adams, a few big Stoneflies that could imitate hoppers, and one #10 detached bodied may fly. It was mostly Baetis and some Tricos, but it was windy so terrestrial fishing was good. Once I got there, I looked at the bridge and there were probably 30 Rainbow Trout and about 15 brown trout. I read some stuff about the insects, Ernest Hemingway and I noticed that it said there were over 6000 fish per mile of stream. I went to sign in at the Nature Conservancy cabin. and got to fishing. I walked past a few people and guides and they said that it was too hard and "If I can't catch anything, well, than good luck to you." said one of the guides. I fished on anyway, using a Pink Albert Parachute and I got many bites but only managed to hook one fish. It was a small rainbow, about six inches. I released him with only a memory. After this I lost the two other Parachutes I had, went to a local fly shop and got a few foam hoppers some parachutes and a few flies that I forgot the names to. I fished for a few hours and still caught nothing.
Next time I go I'll be sure to use a hopper-dropper with a Bead Head Pheasant Tail Nymph and have more parachutes. Also I will remember to use a 6X.