Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review of Mitchell Epic 2100 Spinning combo

I recently bought a Mitchell spinning combo, the Epic 2100. Its a spinning combo that I got at Sportsman's Warehouse. The rod is 6 feet long and made of IM-8 graphite. It is medium action. The reel is cast aluminum and holds 6-12 pound line. I found that it works best if you spool it with eight pound mono. You can turn the handle so that the line comes off instead of on but it creates something that is kind of like backlash on a bait caster. It has a screw and above it a collar grip to tighten the reel to the rod. Over all on a scale of 1 to Abu-Garcia ( just kidding, 1-10) its probably an 8.
Sadly, yesterday while I was on a canoeing trip the tips of the rod broke right off. I was pushing the canoe and it hit a reed and snap it was gone. The thing is, the reel alone would've cost forty dollars so the rod was basically free.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of Cabelas Wind River Fly combo

This is gonna be my first review. I recently received on of these fly rods. It came with no dents or other problems. The one I ordered was a 905-4 which means 9 foot, 5 weight, 4 piece. It also had backing, WF (weight forward) line, leader, and tippet. I don't know how to test the quality of the backing because the fish I've caught aren't very big. The line rates to be 7 out of 10 because, well, it comes in the combo. The tippet is probably a 4 out of 10 but I'm not the greatest caster.  The reel is cast-aluminum and its good quality and the rod is good also. I've caught small ( I mean like 10 inch small) rainbows on it and it held up well, of course that's not much of a fight.Overall I was satisfied.

A Question for you guys

Ok so I recently came across some birthday money and I'm looking into a bait caster. The most I want to pay is around $110.00 but I'm willing to pay a little more. I've looked at Cabelas and Bass Pro and living in Idaho, I could go to the bass pro in Salt Lake or the Cabelas in Boise. I want a rod/reel combo and I've liked Abu-Garcia and the combo's that Bass Pro makes themselves. I have never owned a bait caster but I've used a friends before. Like I said I have no idea so tell me in the comments what you think is good or email me at